Neon Canyon Escalante utah

Emphasis: Bring water, bring snacks and electrolytes, bring Sunscreen and BUG SPRAY!!! Holy gnats!

On our way there

Escalante Utah offers some beautiful trails. You need high clearance for this one. When we went down Egypt road there was a big wash with some water, an area of some tough rocks, and a couple other washes. Definitely not the place for my Corolla haha.

Some of the trails here can be quite difficult though so be careful about which one you select. We took the Egypt trailhead down to the river, camped, and came back up. Egypt road is located at coordinates 37.54113, -111.361753

The Egypt trailhead is at GPS coordinates 37.54113, -111.361753.

This trail is rated Moderate but because of the navigation required and most is sand, deep sand, and reliance on cairns or GPS I would say it’s more on the difficult side. It is 9 miles roundtrip and it’s a pretty hard 9 miles. I would definitely heavily suggest strongly (catch the hint haha) booties for dogs and lots of water and powder with electrolytes. Early hiking is a must with this trail as most of it is exposed to the sun.

Getting started

Her pack is 5lbs 😊

I also recommend when you go down the slickrock at the beginning and are getting close to the two big mountains that you turn around to the trailhead and take a video all the way around you. It is easy to miss that trail on the way back… Which we did… And went up lava rocks to get back haha. Memories!

Break time!

Some great views at the beginning. Can’t even really tell how much elevation difference there is down there

My daughter is innovative. She thought of a way to hang it during breaks so she could slip it on and go.

There is a sandy path down the big mountain that goes about 2-2.5 miles to a cliff band. The cliff band is where you’ll go down the slickrock and sand switch back to the river.

The cliff band coordinates are 37.605322, -111.175016. There is a large stack of cairns to mark the band too. Be careful… We learned that some cairns are marked around the edge of the canyons for repellers to repel down towards the beginning of all this if you wander to the left 😊 so if you’re non technical this post is for you. The river was beautiful and felt very nice. We were able to camp down there out of the flash flood zone (check surrounding area weather before you go) and filter water for the trip back. When we went last weekend the river water was up to my mid calf and I’m 5’2″. It was a good learning experience and a fun, challenging trip. I did have to promise my daughter a shadier trip in the future 😏

Rules of the trail here:

Pack out all trash, including toilet paper. We saw some toilet paper hanging off the trail side at one point. Very gross people… Bring two heavy duty zip lock bags in each other, get wet wipes, and pack it out.

Dogs must be leashed in Glen Canyon NRA.

No campfires are allowed. Don’t forget your camping stove. I used an etekcity and it worked great!

Permits are required for overnight use and are available for free at the visitor center in Escalante. Permits can also be self-issued at most trailhead registers, including the register at the Egypt Trailhead.

Our Trip Overview

On the way back, there was still snow on Cedar City Mountain!! Crazy to see after being in 85 degree heat!


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