Backpacking tent for 2

I bought a new smaller tent for backpacking and set it up to test out today. It was really easy to set up in the living room and see how everything would fit. If you are tall this is not the tent for you. We have regular size thermarest pads and you can see how they fit. I don’t think someone who is 6′ or so would be comfortable unless it was only them at a diagonal. 

I also don’t know how much longer the long thermarests are so I could be wrong. My child is obviously shorter than me, for now, so I’m not worried about the length right now. I did waterproof spray the tent and feel like that’s a must for any tent. 

We will have to do some maneuvering when we get out there. Hard to do a scenario in the living room since Milo usually sleeps halfway on me and Delta will probably stretch out up the back and side. This will be Deltas first backpacking season with us since I got her in November (I am no winter backpacker lol)

Waterproofing was a must when the dogs seem to love laying right against the walls. They are alert and like “why are we in here” right now but relaxed they’ll sprawl out and we’ll figure it out more. For a $40 tent it was a good deal and a good experiment to see how it goes. We’ll get a bigger one if needed after this first trip. 

You could put your gear outside but not sure how comfortable I am with that. I do put up a diy perimeter with a window alarm because I’m me and I’m an untrusting paranoid Marine Hahaha but I’ll decide when we go whether I leave it outside or not. 


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