Testing out the GoPro Dog Harness 

We had some hiking fun today. I wanted to test out the GoPro harness while we were out hiking and Delta is used to wearing harnesses. Since she doesn’t try to scratch it off, she was my girl.


It was great overall. Just like every harness, sometimes it falls to the side but it only did it a time or two. I read reviews that the straps can get loose while your pup is wearing it and since I definitely didn’t want that, I wrapped the strap around itself and made a knot. Ours didn’t get loose at all.

I’m not sure if it is just Delta having a barrel type chest or not, but I don’t see how the chest mount could work. That may need to be tested out another day to see if it actually works on her. I’m so excited to edit this video from the hike and post it up soon!! Until then here are some fun pictures of the day!


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