Jones Bones Hike 

It all started with a scavenger hunt from work to try and win a state annual Park pass (see my previous blog about that fun time… We didn’t win, by the way. When I went up to look for it after work, there were people that had already been there for hours looking. Guess who will be checking for vacation hours used that day? 😉 just kidding… I’m not that much a bad loser.

I’ve never heard of this hike before and it looks more like a four wheeler trail at the start but it isn’t and has some amazing white and lava rocks both.

Up highway 18 in St george, Utah there is a back road to the Snow Canyon State Park. Don’t turn down the road though. Park in the parking lot on the corner or pull out in the little side space across the hwy 18 street and start following the brown dirt road (wizard of oz haha get it? I know, I’m not funny 😜). You’ll see the fencing and open gate to a wonderful mix of desert, canyon rocks, and some beautiful green brush that reminds me of where I grew up.

Dogs are allowed off-leash, although I’d plan on a leash until you go through the gate since it is by a busy highway…. and it’s very lightly used.

Milo and Delta enjoyed this trail… There are so many routes you can take. One wraps around the mountain and up to the top where you can see some colorful cow bones some people thought were hilariously set up a long time ago (small town humor 😁) and there’s supposed to be cowboy graves down one of the trails but I didn’t find it.

There were a lot of white rocks to scramble up and play around in. Milo and Delta both had a blast! And I had fun hiking with them and testing out new gear. The tripod “graboid” was so fun to work with. The legs bend and move in an amazing way.

I used it around a tree branch and a stake post that they used for the fencing around the area. The Bluetooth shutter was great, paired with my IPhone 6s flawlessly, and was so easy to use overall.


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