What’s in my Dogs’ Packs

This weekend is going to be an absolute fun time. We have so much new gear that I am testing and setting up so we can go backpacking soon.

Delta got a new pack (Milo has one that is holding strong from LifeUnion) and since I’m more of a review junkie than a “buy the expensive product” person I settled on the Outward Hound daypack from Chewy.com. I also have a GoPro type harness (will post these links in the review post) from Amazon for my PicTek camera, which is my amazing Go Pro wannabe that’s $67

PicTek Camera: https://www.amazon.com/Pictek-Waterproof-2-0inch-Batteries-Accessories/dp/B01DXCWSVA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1494020695&sr=8-1&keywords=pictek+camera.
I’ve had that camera for 1 year now and have taken awesome pics and videos with it. I heard mixed reviews about the WiFi messing up the camera functioning and it was worth not bothering to take the risk to save hundreds so I do not play with the WiFi feature.

PicTek Camera at Zion National Park “Subway”

Anyways, I’m putting together packs for the dogs and thought it would be fun to do some review videos on the YouTube channel and I’ll post a smaller video with the “GoPro” footage on a blog post here! REMEMBER to never put more than 10% of your dogs weight in their packs and always aim for less 😉

Split between Milo and Delta will be:

Styptic powder
Vet Tape
Small saline
Bells on both collars if it’s an off leash area… one bell on my pack if it’s leash required
Their LED night collars
Collapsible bowls
Ziplock bags of dog food (I put 1 meal in each bag just for easier serving)
Some of their water (all for short trips)
Musher’s Secret
Milo will have a tug toy or chew
Delta will have her ball
Extra leash and cheap light collar
Poop bags
Tick repellant and key, just in case

In my pack I keep their Benadryl just in case (1 mg per 1 lb for dogs), gauze pads, and my own first aid that they can use too.

The treat pouch will be on my waist belt with some dry/soft treats. If your dog has sensitive feet or it’s rough terrain, I’d buy booties. My dogs don’t have problems with terrain, so far (I live in the desert with rocky terrain), so I use Musher’s Secret instead to help protect their feet. They also sleep with us so I don’t carry beds for them. I have a waist hands-free leash that I use and I teach them the “close” command so they learn not to pull if a leash is required, but can also not be in a heel position (they stay close)… this also works off-leash too. They also have excellent recall and I use a Carabiner to attach a dog training clicker, so when they come I can reward with treats every now and then so the command response doesn’t go into extinction. I also carry a comb with me so I can comb through them when we stop because they could have things stuck in their fur that I didn’t notice. Finally, I do plan on bringing peanut butter or some other high calorie snack on multi day trips… they need high calorie snacks just like we do for that rigorous exercise.

Happy Tails and Happy Trails, y’all!



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