Meet Milo

My Name is Milo. I am the original dog in this house!… even if Delta thinks she’s the boss sometimes. I came to my human’s house when I was only 2 months old. I lived with my mom and dad in Sandy, Utah before she came and got me. It was fun playing with my brothers and sisters. I have moved three times with my human from two rentals to the house we own.

When I came home with my human mom, she had a “dog trainer” that we started doing tricks with. Listening to humans is silly, but hey… they gave me treats so I’ll do it. I’m not much a toy lover. I love treats more.

I am an awesome dog. I’m the best. I don’t know why mom gets mad at me, ever. One time she was pretty sad that I tore down the faux wood blinds and ate a baseboard in our first house. She said they were “expensive”. Is that where she is when she leaves in the day? It’s not my fault. The treat ball stopped giving me food and the walls have holes in them, but I can’t go outside!!! It’s so weirddd! She said it’s a “compulsive game” I play now. I think it’s fun to see what I can get to. I have broken four wire kennels and one plastic kennel so far and now I don’t use one, haha I win. Mom takes me on fun walks in the morning and gives me treat ball things and I can still find other stuff to play with when she’s not home too! Score!

Mom got a new door in the second house because I was just trying to show her I didn’t need her to open the door for me when I closed myself in her room. Her and the vet said I have separation anxiety. I got attacked by a dog and mom sent me to get rehabilitated so I wasn’t so scared of other dogs. I love playing with dogs now

In the house we bought, I have shown her tons of useful stuff. I showed her the fence gate should be “tightened” and her cabinets should have “locks”. She should be happy I’m helping her see what to improve on the house

I love to hike!

Running is so fun. I think it was so silly for mom to run 3 miles with me cause she’s so short. I WASN’T EVEN RUNNING MOM! Only you were! Running off leash in the desert is so much more fun cause I can run as fast as I want. I like cuddling with mom and watching the moving picture thing that she watches. Sometimes there’s howling on it and I like to sing along. I like singing to Dory’s whale impression too… and I tell her everytime there’s an ambulance.

I do NOT like to swim. Mom keeps encouraging it and I do not want to. I will not in a vest. I will not in a boat. I will not with the kids. I will not… will not. I will go in until I can’t stand and that…is…it.

My life is a blast. If only we could hike every of minute every day. We hike, I do her silly tricks for treats, and enjoy life!


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