Meet Delta

My name is Delta and I’m a Czech DDR German Shepherd. I grew up in Wyoming and went up for adoption in November because my breeder wanted to find me an amazing home. She looked for someone that was strongly recommended by people who had previous litters already. My mom was in Canine Search and Rescue with my annoying brother, Milo, but Milo didn’t like it very much. She was told about me and set out to bring me into her home in Southern Utah.


I LOVE toys. Toys are my favorite. I will sell you all for toys. My favorite is my Kong Squeezz ball. My mom puts a rope through it and knots the ends so it’s a tug and a ball to throw… it is SO fun and she always brings it when I go find people. My mom says I have so much energy that I’m like the energizer bunny… I don’t know what that is but she sounds like I have a lot more energy than her.

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I like to hike and find people. My mom is so boring and walks while we hike. I show her how fun it is to run super fast everywhere, but she doesn’t seem to get a clue. I go for hours and hours and never get tired. I just drink lots of water and keep on going. It’s so funny… we will go with a person and they will walk away.. then they get lost so fast. Humans are the worst at that. But it’s okay because it is exciting to find them and then I get my Squeezz ball. Then I tug and tug and want them to throw it, but I don’t know if I really want them to throw it. So I hold onto it. But I kinda do want them to throw it so I re-grip, but then change my mind. I can’t decide. I’ll keep it for now. Sometimes she has yummy food to trade for my ball, which is great… but she better give it back 😦

Living with my mom is fun. She has a tiny human too that likes to run around with me. I wish Milo didn’t live here though. Mom tries to teach me to stop bullying him. I’m trying! He always wants my toys! He always wants to smell my face! But I do get delicious treats when I’m nice to him so I think I’ll be nicer. I’ve been doing better. The cats don’t like us dogs very much. I only want to sniff their ears, what’s the problem?!

My old home and awesome caregiver sent my new mom lots and lots of pictures.

Mom says I have “soulful” eyes. Life is fun and I can’t wait to hike some more. Now I’m going to jump on mom’s bed and steal her spot in bed just for fun 🙂


Delta V Wenner Haus Celhaus


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