The Hunt for Heath

For a week now we have been out hunting for a little statue my work hid.The prize? Gloating of course… And an annual state park pass. We got a clue every weekday but the catch was after I found the area it was at on the second clue, the next three clues meant nothing because they were all trying to lead people to the general area. I’m waiting for some more specific clues as to where the little statue is with my annual pass…. I mean, prize.

There are some gorgeous views out there… Milo and Delta had fun running around, of course.

Some beautiful hiking down the first trail we tried…. Which was Gila Trail in Southern Utah. It’s part of Snow canyon state Park but isn’t in the fee area of it.

Only Milo went with me the first time we went out searching for Heath the little statue. At the end of our first time, though, I found the area Heath was supposed to be in (that gate in the clue above). It started getting dark so we left. The next time we went out looking I brought both Milo and Delta with me.

Of course they had so much fun off leash

So here we are, a week from the scavenger hunt starting and Heath, the little statue, is still shivering out in the cold desert nights. The clue tomorrow is supposed to be an amazing hunt ending clue so hope to be able to get out there, but it’ll be hard since some of my coworkers don’t work Fridays.

We shall see what happens,


Update: We did not win. Our prize, regardless, was finding a new hiking spot though. On that Friday of the last clue, I headed up to go find Heath. My awesome coworker and friend turn around when they saw my car pass them on the highway to tell me that it had already been found. A lot of my coworkers had gone up to the area about 3pm that day and were looking. When the clue hit at 5 and I was at work still, my dedicated coworkers were already finding it 🙂 It was a fun scavenger hunt that got everyone outdoors. I would’ve never discovered that hidden trail without them. Check out our video about the hike and some of our amazing views on the YouTube channel:


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