Search and Rescue Practice 

What a fun crazy weekend. I will post a blog and video of me and Milos fun, but this one is about our young Delta. She’s been practicing for K9 SAR since January and is just about ready to certify in small area. It begins as a fun game of hide and seek then pieces together until it is eventually find the person, come tell me you found them, and show me. We graduated from there and started putting more people hiding and are going to start putting variables in like longer distance and someone standing up… since not everyone who gets lost is hiding behind a bush or tree lol. She is a brilliant dog and so much fun to work with. Plus who can not love her soulful eyes

Getting her hyped up for this search since we are introducing something more challenging. She usually doesn’t get to see anyone who goes to hide 😉

She loves working 😁 The nice thing about lengthening the distance is she will learn to pace herself instead of running like a bat out of hell haha.

She loves her Kong Squeez Ball so much she self leashes haha. So fun to work with her


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