How We Came to Be

In 2013, I set out to find a puppy that would be able to be my adventure buddy, my partner in doggy crime. I found Milo, a Silver and Black German Shepherd, a few hours North of my house and went on my research mission to adopt him. He was my first dog and I had a binder all tabbed out with information on how to potty train, feed, take care of him, and for obedience training. I finally picked him up after weeks and weeks of impatiently waiting for that two month mark.

Pictures kept me sane during this wait 😉 him and his mom above were one of the cutest pictures I got.

He was everything I dreamed of and i instantly fell in love. I had a dog trainer lined up and began obedience training. We went through some sports over the years figuring out what his passion was. The one thing he really loves is hiking. Hiking and running outdoors makes him the happiest. He doesn’t care about toys so much and is mostly food driven. He is a total sweetheart and mellow for his breed.

In 2016, I bought a house… Woo hoo, 28 with a house and good career. 

I heard of Delta from one of my Search and Rescue leader in October 2016 when she was already 20 months old. I adopted her that November and she was the opposite of Milo. She is a working line Dark Sable Czech German Shepherd and has endless energy. We started K9 Search and Rescue right away after the bonding period and she is just around the corner from certification! 
She didn’t know any obedience and has excelled in basic manners and has great intuition. 

She is a total lovebug but gets a little jealous of Milo, which we are working on through classical conditioning and clicker training. (Oh yea, dog training is my passion).

She absolutely adores balls. Her favorite is a Kong Squeez Ball.

Her previous owner gave me a huge flash drive of all her pictures and her puppy pictures are to die for ❤️ She is a beautiful, intelligent, and insane dog 

We are gearing up to start a new fun adventure… Backpacking! I have the gear list all done up and am accumulating all the gear to have a fun spring and summer of backpacking in the backcountry. We’ll see what the dogs have to say about it all.




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